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Why not host your own “Peace Feast”?

Last thursday evening, I had the privilege of joining about 50 other people for “Peace Feast” hosted by Peace Catalyst International in Phoenix, Arizona. The food, which was awesome, was provided by Jerusalem foods, a restaurant in Chandler, Arizona that is owned and operated by a local Muslim man.

More than just coming together to enjoy some great Middle Eastern food, this Peace Feast was coming together to talk about how we can continue to pursue true peace between Muslims and Christians through the person and teachings of Jesus. I had a great time getting to mingle with other photographers that were there as well as other people in other ways to break down stereotypes and biases that separate Muslims and Christians.

One of the founders of The Peace Frame posing at The Peace Feast

One key initiative I wanted to tell you about is The Peace Frame. I had a chance to meet the founders at the Peace Feast and love what they are working to do. In their words, their desire is to “create videos that display the humanity within misunderstood cultures.” Right now they are a contestant in the Pepsi Refresh project, hoping to win $25,000 toward their goal of gathering global film makers to work together to make films that display the humanity within misunderstood cultures. If you like this idea and want to vote for them you can vote for them by clicking on the above link or texting 104994 to 73774.

What I love about The Peace Frame is that it is just two ordinary guys, one a stockbroker and the other an Architect who believe they can change the world and they are trying to do something about it. Check out what they are doing and start thinking about how you could do something to breakdown stereotypes and prejudice that divide people from different cultures or social groups in your settings.

Also, I am excited to share that I am going to be posting interviews with different visual peacemakers from around the world, so look for those coming soon!