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Morocco here I come

Tomorrow I board a plane for Morocco where I will be shooting  for a tourism company, scouting places for future workshops and doing some personal projects. I am hoping to have internet that is stable and fast enough to post images daily and even a wallpaper for the month (since I am horribly behind on this!). 

While I was tempted to try to watch Casablanca before I left, I didn’t get to it because this past month has been crazy with a million different little things. One of these things was lunch appointment with one of the lead collaborators of Eye See Media, an independent media company I recently discovered through a friend. Do make sure to check out what they are doing because they are telling some amazing stories that need to be told.

Also, check out these videos below made by some other friends who are great multi-media storytellers:

More than just bread-Nate Watkins

Dance the past into the future-Mario Mattei