The Visual Advocate Blog



B and H Photo and Video


Craft and Vision

Lumen-Dei Photo Tours

Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips

The Compelling Image


Within the Frame-David Duchemin

Vision Mongering: Making a life and living in Photography-David Duchemin

Vision and Voice: refining your vision in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom-David Duchemin


Ami Vitale

Austin Mann

David Duchemin

Esther Havens

Gary S. Chapman

Gavin Gough

Heber Vega

Jake Lyell

James Nachtwey

Jeffrey Chapman

Karl Grobl

Lynsey Addario

Marco Ryan

Mario Mattei

Matt Brandon

Matt Powell

Melanie Blanding

Mitchell KanashKevish

Nevada Wier

Poras Chaudhary

Steve McCurry


Focus for Humanity

Proof:Media for Social Justice

The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers

Collective Lens



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