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The DR-1 Double Strap: A review and giveaway


The DR-1 Double Strap from my friends and sponsor BlackRapid is an incredible option for photographers shooting with two cameras.

Last month I spent three weeks trekking volcanoes, riding in African buses, and shooting portraits and humanitarian images in Ethiopia and there was rarely a second when I was not wearing my DR-1 Double Strap. While I already knew that Blackrapid made the best straps on the planet, this trip just made even more convinced!

I love the comfort and convenient access the DR-1 Double Strap gives me to my cameras at all times.

I love the DR-1 for many reasons but what clearly sets this strap apart in my mind is how comfortable and convenient it is to wear and adjust. No matter how I was positioned or what I was shooting on this last trip, the DR-1 was just so comfortable and made it so easy to quickly access my cameras.

It took me a few minutes initially to figure out how to adjust the straps and how to turn the DR-1 into a one-camera sling. However, once I got used to how things worked I had no trouble at all quickly making adjustments to how the straps hung or sat, even with it on. For more great images of how the strap sits and is configured, check out the great review by my friend and fellow photographer Brian Hirschy.

The fasteners and carabiners BlackRapid uses stay tightly connected to your cameras so you can carry them with peace of mind.

Beyond the amazing comfort and convenience, I love how the way the DR-1 connects to my cameras. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the first couple times I didn’t keep checking the fasteners and carabiners every two seconds just to make sure they were tight. However, after hours and hours of carrying my cameras with this strap, and never once having an issue with the fasteners loosening, I rarely check now.

Some people might have a tough time with the price, but not me. This strap is worth its weight in gold!

As for the cons, I have to be completely honest and say I can’t really think of any. There are things that take some getting used to when you first get this strap but that is true of everything new. After having used so many straps over the years, even cheaper knock-offs trying to be the DR-1, I am just impressed and have a hard time finding things to improve.

I know for some the list price of $129.95 may be a stumbling block, but let me assure you it will be the best $129.95 you ever spend on a strap. If you still aren’t convinced or simply can’t stop drinking Starbucks long enough to say up the money, then leave a comment on my blog and you may just be the lucky winner who scores the one DR-1 Double Strap that our friends at BlackRapid have agreed to give the readers of my blog!

I promise if you are the lucky winner, once you put this strap on and carry your cameras you will never want to take it off and you will never have a bad day again. (ok, maybe that’s taking it too far, but I still don’t think you will want to use another strap again!)

I will be traveling for the next week and am planning to announce who the one lucky winner is next Friday so make sure to get on leave a comment!

Happy commenting!


Author: The Visual Advocate

Joe Murray, The Visual Advocate, is a Humanitarian and Cultural photographer based in Decatur, Georgia. Joe began his photographic career as an adventure and landscape photographer, but a month-long trip to India in 2009 deeply impacted him and proved to be a turning point in his life and photographic vision. Today, Joe is dedicated to using his craft to create and share compelling images and stories of the lives of the peoples and cultures of the world. While Joe loves and appreciates all the peoples and cultures of the world, he has a particular vision, passion and love for India and South Asia. As both an experienced photographer, public speaker, recruiter and advocate, Joe's goal as a visual artist is not simply to create awareness, but to move people to use their lives and resources to be a blessing to the world's most poor, abused, displaced, stereotyped and overlooked peoples.

17 thoughts on “The DR-1 Double Strap: A review and giveaway

  1. I’ve been interested in Blackrapid for a while now but have yet to try them out. The DR-1 looks like a great product. Safe travels mate.

  2. You have me intrigued! I didn’t know there were straps like this. Changes the game as far as taking two cameras with you… seems way more fluid that way. Thanks for enlightening us!

    • Jonny,
      If I can help I will probably never go back to wearing one camera for most situations. It is not always fluid when wearing two cameras but with the DR-1 it definitely is if you set up right to fit you and the way you shoot.

  3. Wow!! Now that’s a camera strap. I’ve been wanting to get away from the standard Canon strap and into something more comfortable so it’s nice to read a review like this. I also hear that BlackRapid makes a fastener that is compatible with the Manfrotto RC2 QR plates. I may have to give up the coffee for a bit. BTW…I’ve been enjoying your blog and the photos.

    • Matt, this strap blows the standard Canon straps out of the water both in comfort and convenience. I know you would love this strap. I believe you are correct about the Manfrotto RC2 QR plates but I would have to check. Thanks too for the compliment, I am glad you are enjoying the blog and photos.

  4. Thanks for the review.
    How do you pack your strap with cameras on?
    Are ok that you look from the beginning as a photographer? I like to approach my subject either with camera hidden in the bag or hannging on one side, so they first notice me then the camera.
    Anyway, thanks for the post. I am long time follower of yours.

    • Tomas,
      Are you asking me how I wear the strap when I have the cameras on? If that is what you are asking then my answer is that I have a coat I wear over top which conceals my cameras a little. I don’t care that they know I am a photographer because my actions are going to speak louder than my words. If I approach them and don’t even reach for my cameras but instead sit down and begin to engage with them, I find they are never really bothered by the cameras. It would be a totally different story if I just came up with both cameras blazing! Now I will say that some people give me funny looks or make comments about how serious I must be for wearing a strap like this but other than that I have not had issues. I will say too that I am sometimes careful to not use this strap in big cities that I don’t know well as it does make my gear much more visible.

      • No, I mean how you pack your camera to backpack/photobag with this straps.

        Everything else is clear.Is matter of approach. Even I do miss second body sometimes while traveling or on assignment in developing countries I already think that one DSLR takes too much attention and make people less act less natural for the first few hours.
        I hope to move to digital rangefinder in the future.
        But its a matter of personal style. Some photographers take just one zoom lens, some as I take few so can use the best for that motive. There is for sure no one right answer. Thank you for explaining your way.

      • Tomas, I use all Thinktank Photo bags to pack my gear. I usually like to travel light unless the assignment calls for otherwise so I will pack my strap and cameras in a Thinktank Photo Streetwalker Pro usually.

        I agree with you about approach, no two photographers are the same! Thanks for the comments and great insights.

  5. I have just recently been looking into better gear to carea my cameras around and this definitely looks like a must have. Question…does it or can it connect to one of the belts that you can strap your camera bags to?

  6. Worth it’s price in the weight of gold?! You’re serious!!! For years I have shot with the standard strap that came with my beloved Canon camera only to wish I had something different by the end of a long days shoot, especially while traveling overseas. With a move in the near future, I’ll definitely be giving these straps a look! Thanks for the review. I’ll go check them out today šŸ™‚

  7. I tried leaving a comment already but I don’t see it right now so forgive me if I’ve posted twice. I checked out their website and was excited to see a strap for ladies too!!! Woo hoo! It’s about time that someone takes in to consideration that a lady is built differently than a man. Thanks for the post. I’ll most likely be making a purchase soon! šŸ™‚

  8. So that’s what I saw strapped around you in Ethiopia! Looks like a great product from seeing you use it first hand. If one comes my way I certainly wouldn’t refuse! Cheers bro.

  9. Black Rapid make fantastic straps. I use a pair of RS-5’s rather than the DR-1 but have enough thought I should switch to the double strap.

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