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What a difference a pack makes: A review of the ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro

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The Thinktank Streewalker Pro

I have long been a fan of Thinktank Photo bags and on this last trip to India, I took a Thinktank Streetwalker Pro backpack as my main pack for transporting my gear from the hotel to the various villages in which we were shooting each day.

The Thinktank Photo Streetwalker Pro has comfortable straps, a great airflow channel and easily adjustable hipbelt which make it very comfortable!

Not only was the pack easy to load and access, it was super comfortable! Even when I had it full of gear and a full-size tripod on, it didn’t feel that heavy because of the comfort of the straps and the hipbelt.

The pop out Tripod cup on the Streetwalker Pro came in handy for carrying my large tripod.

While I didn’t always have my tripod with me on our shoots, there a few days that I threw it on the Streetwalker Pro. When I did it was so nice to have the tripod cup and straps which were just perfect for my Manfrotto Tripod.

The pockets on the Thinktank Streetwalker Pro are spacious and each to access

Another feature I loved was all the accessible pockets, both in and outside the pack. I used the pockets on the inside for things that I would need quick access to and the outside pockets for things like memory Cards, extra batteries and filters.

The Thinktank Streetwalker Pro is big enough inside to fit most 400 2.8 lenses and a pro DSLR. I used it two carry two bodies, a 16-35mm 2.8, a 24-70mm 2.8 and lots of other stuff!

The inside of the Thinktank Streetwalker Pro is very spacious and allows for lots of various configurations. During my assignment I carried two pro DSLR camera bodies, a 16-35mm 2.8, a 24-70mm 2.8, a 50mm 1.4, a flash unit, a car reader and other accessories. I loved being able to carry all my gear and still have room left over!

If you are looking for a mid-size pack that can carry a lot of gear, make sure to check out this pack! You won’t be disappointed. For those of you are wanting to purchase this or other ThinkTank Photo products, use this link to get get some free gear when you buy $50 or more!


Author: The Visual Advocate

Joe Murray, The Visual Advocate, is a Humanitarian and Cultural photographer based in Decatur, Georgia. Joe began his photographic career as an adventure and landscape photographer, but a month-long trip to India in 2009 deeply impacted him and proved to be a turning point in his life and photographic vision. Today, Joe is dedicated to using his craft to create and share compelling images and stories of the lives of the peoples and cultures of the world. While Joe loves and appreciates all the peoples and cultures of the world, he has a particular vision, passion and love for India and South Asia. As both an experienced photographer, public speaker, recruiter and advocate, Joe's goal as a visual artist is not simply to create awareness, but to move people to use their lives and resources to be a blessing to the world's most poor, abused, displaced, stereotyped and overlooked peoples.

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