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Help-Portrait was a blast!

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I can’t believe how fast this week flew by! I had great ambitions of writing a blog post right after the Help-Portrait event last Saturday and then somehow a day turned into a week. Anyway, the event was super fun and a real joy to be a part of. Time and time again I heard from the participants that they were so blessed to finally get some good pictures of themselves and their  families for free! The day after the event I got a text from a friend who brought her neighbor, this is what it said: “Thanks so much. Nikole my neighbor was kinda dumbfounded that u guys did this service just as a free service. It really touched her and us!”

Though I had a blast doing the shooting, I think one of my favorite memories was sitting next to a single mom as we looked at pictures I just took of her son in Lightroom 3. As we scrolled through the images picking our favorites, she just kept saying, “Oh, my gosh,  these are so good,  I can’t believe this!” As I sat there with her, I was just as blessed as she was because I got to be part of helping her in a small way. It may seem like a small thing to have good pictures of your family to those of us who can do this whenever we want. But I realized how even the smallest acts of service can make a difference. So get out there and use what you have to be a blessing!

Corvallis Help-Portrait photographers and volunteers

Jennifer and her son, David, were blessed to get their picture taken.

One of the many participants that was blessed by our Help-Portrait event.


Author: The Visual Advocate

Joe Murray, The Visual Advocate, is a Humanitarian and Cultural photographer based in Decatur, Georgia. Joe began his photographic career as an adventure and landscape photographer, but a month-long trip to India in 2009 deeply impacted him and proved to be a turning point in his life and photographic vision. Today, Joe is dedicated to using his craft to create and share compelling images and stories of the lives of the peoples and cultures of the world. While Joe loves and appreciates all the peoples and cultures of the world, he has a particular vision, passion and love for India and South Asia. As both an experienced photographer, public speaker, recruiter and advocate, Joe's goal as a visual artist is not simply to create awareness, but to move people to use their lives and resources to be a blessing to the world's most poor, abused, displaced, stereotyped and overlooked peoples.

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