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A simple way to give back soon

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Around the world on December 4th, photographers and others will be dedicating their time, energy and skills to bless and benefit those in need in their communities by taking their portraits for free. The vehicle for these acts of benevolence is a movement called Help-Portrait.

So if you are a photographer, artist or just someone who wants to bless others, find out if the Help-Portrait has reached your city yet. If not why don’t you think about being the one to bring it to your community!

I know it is still a little less than a month away but I thought I would just put this out there. I will put some pics from our community’s Help-Portrait event.


Author: The Visual Advocate

Joe Murray, The Visual Advocate, is a Humanitarian and Cultural photographer based in Decatur, Georgia. Joe began his photographic career as an adventure and landscape photographer, but a month-long trip to India in 2009 deeply impacted him and proved to be a turning point in his life and photographic vision. Today, Joe is dedicated to using his craft to create and share compelling images and stories of the lives of the peoples and cultures of the world. While Joe loves and appreciates all the peoples and cultures of the world, he has a particular vision, passion and love for India and South Asia. As both an experienced photographer, public speaker, recruiter and advocate, Joe's goal as a visual artist is not simply to create awareness, but to move people to use their lives and resources to be a blessing to the world's most poor, abused, displaced, stereotyped and overlooked peoples.

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