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A new trip and a little show and tell

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Bo-Kaap, is one of the places in Capetown, South Africa I am hoping to get to photograph

In just about a week I will be heading to South Africa for two weeks. My primary reason for being there is for a conference, but I am hoping to find or make some time to get out into the city of Capetown to shoot a little. One area I have been reading a little about is a neighborhood called Bo-Kaap. It has cobblestone streets, brightly painted houses, and old Muslims shrines and mosques. It sounds like a colorful place, both because of its inhabitants, history and the architecture and style of the neighborhood. I will post some pictures when I get back.

Also, starting next week I am going to be posting a picture a week and
telling a story behind that picture. Since I just got back from India last month I will be “showing and telling” for a while about my three weeks there. The goal is to tell the stories behind the pictures. I am excited for this because India a place of fascinating people, colors and cultures.

So check back next week for the first show and tell.


Author: The Visual Advocate

Joe Murray, The Visual Advocate, is a Humanitarian and Cultural photographer based in Decatur, Georgia. Joe began his photographic career as an adventure and landscape photographer, but a month-long trip to India in 2009 deeply impacted him and proved to be a turning point in his life and photographic vision. Today, Joe is dedicated to using his craft to create and share compelling images and stories of the lives of the peoples and cultures of the world. While Joe loves and appreciates all the peoples and cultures of the world, he has a particular vision, passion and love for India and South Asia. As both an experienced photographer, public speaker, recruiter and advocate, Joe's goal as a visual artist is not simply to create awareness, but to move people to use their lives and resources to be a blessing to the world's most poor, abused, displaced, stereotyped and overlooked peoples.

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