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A new trip and a little show and tell

Bo-Kaap, is one of the places in Capetown, South Africa I am hoping to get to photograph

In just about a week I will be heading to South Africa for two weeks. My primary reason for being there is for a conference, but I am hoping to find or make some time to get out into the city of Capetown to shoot a little. One area I have been reading a little about is a neighborhood called Bo-Kaap. It has cobblestone streets, brightly painted houses, and old Muslims shrines and mosques. It sounds like a colorful place, both because of its inhabitants, history and the architecture and style of the neighborhood. I will post some pictures when I get back.

Also, starting next week I am going to be posting a picture a week and
telling a story behind that picture. Since I just got back from India last month I will be “showing and telling” for a while about my three weeks there. The goal is to tell the stories behind the pictures. I am excited for this because India a place of fascinating people, colors and cultures.

So check back next week for the first show and tell.


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Rice, Roti and Reconciliation

In my last post I mentioned an upcoming reconciliation dinner I was going to shoot between 15 imams and 15 pastors from the Puget Sound area in Seattle. The dinner was a great time of awesome Indian food (compliment of A Taste of India), deep conversation about what it means to really love God and love our neighbors, and hopefully a catalyst for ongoing relationships. There is so much I could say, but I will spare you the words and instead just give you a couple of images from the night. Hope you enjoy!

The Muslim Imams ducked out of the dinner for a moment to do their evening prayers on a sidewalk outside the restaurant.

An Imam from Indonesia, bowing on his prayer rug during his prayers.

The Imams and pastors are deep in Indian food and conversation.