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Shooting Reconciliation

In just three days I will be in Seattle to photograph a dinner between 15 Muslim Imams and 15 Christian Pastors from the Puget Sound area. The purpose of the dinner is to facilitate discussion about what it means to really love our neighbors.

I am excited about this event for a couple of reasons. First, I am excited because I think it is great to see Muslim Imams and Christian Pastors coming together to talk about what it really means to love our neighbors the way God intends. Who knows what will come of the conversations, but I am sure it is going to be a great evening thought-provoking questions and dialogue from both sides.

The other reason I am excited about this event is because I know it is going to challenge me as a photographer. Since I found out about this opportunity I have been mulling over what kind of images I will be looking for and I will go about photographing the reconciliation and discussion process among these spiritual leaders. I don’t have any answers yet, but we will see what happens.

Following this dinner I will also be attending and photographing an event called “Jesus in the Quran” which is also focused on bringing Muslims and Christians together to talk about the core issues of our different faith communities. I attended this event last year and was truly blessed by the content and delivery. Again I am excited about the opportunity to see Muslims and Christians dialoguing together and the opportunity to do some photography.

I am going to try and have some pictures up next week or so with some highlights and stories from these two events so stay tuned!